18 Ideas to Consider When Building or Remodeling a Location

During my travels I have gathered several ideas that could benefit truckstop and travel plaza operators who are looking to build or remodel a location. Take a look.


During my travels I have gathered several ideas that could benefit truckstop and travel plaza operators who are looking to build or remodel a location. Take a look:

  1.  Install power outlets on the floor so you can move powered displays around your store easily.
  2. Add power outlets and USB charging outlets in seating areas.
  3. If you do have bean-to-cup coffee and/or Coca Cola or Pepsi Freestyle machines, remember the impact on speed for the third or fourth person in line. Put plenty of machines in your stores to keep customers moving.  
  4. Create a dog park so you can change up your fueling demographics. 
  5. Install a playground, which will also change up your fueling demographics by encouraging more families to stop.
  6. Add outside seating with umbrellas. It looks welcoming and creates additional space.
  7. Establish cashier-less areas within the store. Even if you don’t plan to utilize them today, you should plan for the future trend now.
  8. Install multiple grab-n-go reach-in coolers that emphasize fresh, new and unique offerings.
  9. If you have significant local business, offer take out or a pick up-and-go area.
  10. Create a Sonic-style food ordering system for over-the-road professional drivers while they fuel. That way they can speed up their stopping time without hurting your retail and food conversion rates. It can be a win-win situation because you’ll sell more while they’ll get what they need and have greater service.
  11. Put in digital menu boards for hot and cold food marketing and customer directional information. 
  12. Prepare for contactless payments.
  13. Create the ability for deliveries to be brought in through the back of the operation versus through the front door. Along with this, ensure you have a vendor check-in policy.
  14. Have at least one Mechanical Petroleum Dispenser (MPD) just off the gasoline fueling area designated for RV and motor coach customers.
  15. Have auto diesel on every gasoline pump.
  16. Install a biodiesel tank if you have locations in California, Texas, Iowa and/or Illinois. Learn more about the benefits of biodiesel through the Alternative Fuels Council at www.natsoaltfuels.com.
  17. Put hot food and healthy cold food options on the counter. Why not give premium purchase position to a cup of grapes and strawberries or a hot slice of pizza over a Bic Lighter?



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