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Nine Actionable Ideas from the International Study Tour

Nine Actionable Ideas from the International Study Tour

Study tours are an amazing way to gather inspiration, and I am certain that any time you attend a study tour, you come away with new great ideas. Some of those ides are simple to execute, but some may be out of reach or have to be built long-term planning category due to financial constraints. More

International Study Tour to Showcase Innovation and Business Acumen

This year the NATSO Foundation is taking truckstop operators to Santiago, Chile September 7 - 11. Attendees will tour facilities and meet with executives of Copec, one of Chile's most successful companies. Copec has maintained a 50 percent fuel market share in Chile over the past two decades, despite formidable competitors including Shell, PetroBras and others. Learn more about Copec on their website. (To translate, view the website using Google Chrome and select Translate at the top of the page.) Other Copec highlights include: Excellence in network planning, investment and innovation; Self-serve food ordering kiosks and fuel dispensers that accept cash in addition to credit cards; Sustainability initiatives such as wind energy and solar energy use; and Innovative branded vending. More

International Retailers Embrace New Ideas

Several international locations are experimenting with new ideas, such as paid restrooms and bulk windshield wash distribution where the customer filled his washing fluid at the pump as was charged accordingly. More

International Retailers Embrace Digital Signage

European retailers have embraced digital signage as part of their marketing and merchandising programs to a much greater degree than their American counterparts operating in the same format. More

International Retailers Understand Importance of Signage

It was apparent that the European retailers understood the importance of messaging from the street, to the entrance to the transaction counter. More

International Retailers Focus on Open and Inviting Shopping Experiences

We also saw a focus on an open, inviting shopping experience, whereas UK retailers had much larger SKU counts driven in the food categories with robust offerings of prepared and ‘craft’ fresh offerings. More

International Retailers Focus on Fresh Food

For the most part the programs that have been embraced are those that ‘craft’ the food—creating the perception of VERY FRESH FOOD programs. It is a lot like Starbucks and/or Panera Bread where the product arrives in a box and then is thawed and ‘crafted’ to appear fresh. More

International Financial Tips

When shopping in London, or anywhere overseas, there are several financial considerations to keep in mind. More