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Summer is Coming, Is Your Travel Plaza Ready?

I know there is still frost on the ground in some parts of the country and thoughts of summer may be tucked into the back of your mind, but in retail it is never too early to start thinking about upcoming sales opportunities. So many retailers found themselves unprepared when the cold snap hit the East Coast and missed valuable sales opportunities. Don’t let the same thing happen with summer sales! More

Make the Concept of Electronic Shelf Tags Work for You at Your Truckstop

Use of electronic shelf tags is on the rise. During a NATSO Study Tour in Europe, we saw electronic shelf tags in action. They have become much, much more common in Europe and are headed this way. Electronic shelf tags have several benefits, and the main idea is that you can change the pricing multiple times each day in a matter of seconds. More

Grow Sales at Your Travel Center with an Apparel Program

Do you have an apparel program? If you do, are you doing all you can with it? If you don’t, it is time to get in this category. Apparel, when done correctly in our industry, can have margins of 50 to 100 percent profit depending on what types of products you’re selling and what you buy. More

Review Holiday Sales to Uncover New Opportunities at Your Truckstop

The fourth quarter and holiday season has come and gone, and now that the dust has settled, it is a great time to review how things went. Holiday sales at many retailers exceeded expectations. Was that the case for you? Were you prepared or are there things you wish you’d done differently? More

Davis Travel Centers Meets the Community’s Needs

For Davis Travel Centers, which operates three locations in Virginia, meeting the needs of the traveling public and the community has always been a priority, and the location in Stony Creek offers everything from special treats for those traveling with pets to healthcare. More

FireLake Grand Travel Plaza Caters to Its Customers

FireLake Grand Travel Plaza in Shawnee, Oklahoma, excels in service, and the management makes sure they take care of their customers. More

Eatonton Travel Center Appeals to Multiple Customer Types

Shaker Sangam, owner of Eatonton Travel Center in Eatonton, Georgia, really understands who his customers are and has carefully crafted his product mix to meet their needs. Eatonton isn’t a typical travel center in that it isn’t located along the interstate, and the offerings reflect the multiple types of customers who shop there. More

QuikTrip Travel Center Stands Out with Speed of Service

QuikTrip’s stores are clean, well stocked and filled with friendly faces waiting to help customers, but what stands out above all else is the speed of service. They have evaluated every aspect of the location and eliminated anything that slows the speed of the transaction. More

Tonkawa Trading Post is an Inviting and Fresh Travel Plaza in Oklahoma

Tonkawa Trading Post in Tonkawa, Oklahoma, is the third of Saqib Anwar’s travel center locations and his newest. Tonkawa Trading Post is another example of how owner Saqib Anwar uses clear, catchy signage to bring in multiple customer types. More

Guthrie Travel Center Grabs Customers with Graphics

Guthrie Travel Center in Guthrie, Oklahoma, is a modern location with compelling signage that draws people inside and helps them find their way around the store. More