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Apparel Sells at Dodge City Petro Travel Plaza

Apparel is a growing category for many NATSO members, and Dodge City Petro in Dodge City, Alabama, has created a successful apparel program. More

Displays and Themes Reign Supreme at Dodge City Petro Travel Plaza

When it comes to succeeding in retail, it is important to make a location memorable and also make it easy to shop. Dodge City Petro in Dodge City, Alabama, has done both, which is getting customers through the door and making them want to return. More

Dodge City Petro Travel Plaza Excels at Retail

Keith Wade, vice president of operations at Dodge City Petro in Dodge City, Alabama, has an extensive background in the retail industry, and it shows. When I visited the location, I was struck by how well Wade and the location’s owner, Jim Hays, manage SKUs, theme the location and draw in customers with their unique offerings. More

Reno Junction Travel Plaza Serves the Community and Travelers

Reno Junction Travel Plaza in Gillette, Wyoming, brings an element of fun to the travel plaza industry while also meeting the needs of a wide range of customers. More

Truckstop Travels: Lessons from the Road

I am so fortunate to get to visit truckstops and travel plazas across the country and see first-hand the ways NATSO members are serving their communities. As we have noted before, operators are witnessing a rapid pace of change and many are responding with new and diverse offerings to attract customers. This need to adapt is not unique to our industry, and during my travels I see first-hand the ways other businesses are reacting to our today’s reality. We can learn from those outside of our industry in addition to each other. Here are some key trends I am seeing from other businesses working to remain relevant. More

Oasis Travel Center Does Retail Right

Oasis Travel Center in Robertsdale, Alabama, is a sight to see and a perfect example of a thriving retail operation. It is unique, memorable destination that is sure to make you smile. More

Easy Access, Clear Signage Make Get-n-Go a Success

Get-n-Go in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is a great example of the new breed of travel center. It has a robust grab-and-go-food program and an exceptional looking store but features limited parking and fuel islands. We are seeing more and more locations like this, and Get-n-Go is a beautiful location that is attracting professional drivers, local workers and travelers, and racking up gallons. More

Florida 595 Truck Stop Is a Haven for Drivers

Truckstops and travel plazas often serve as a home away from home for drivers, but Florida 595 Truck Stop in Davie, Florida, kicks it up a notch and offers drivers delicious food, a place to unwind and an opportunity to relax under the palm trees in the Florida sun. More

A Local Focus and Commitment to Customers Drives Success at Big Boy’s

At Big Boy’s Truck Stop in Kenly, North, Carolina, the personal touches and amazing people make everyone feel welcome. Owners Wendi and Walter Powell are always out from behind the counter, engaging with customers and inspiring their staff. More

CMS Fueling Center Rocks at Retail

At CMS Fueling Center in Lapeer, Michigan, inside sales are king, and the location does more retail sales than diesel sales a month, which is impressive. Everyone within the location is focused on knowing what the local community wants, allowing CMS Fueling Center to do an amazing job of generating sales from their customers. More